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A Job in Riva

*He had done his best to spread the word as far as he could, this lord hoped that he had gathered the right people. There would only be one chance at this. The poster he had sent about carried all the details they would need. It described the location, the job that needed doing, everything, except the exact pay. Because of this many people ignored it entirely, but some followed the attached map and arrived ...
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The Mercenary RP.

Daily life in the town of Malmuth, located in North East Doma, had been far from normal over the past week or so. When the inhabitants first heard of the outlying farm hamlet of Greth being laid to waste, no small amount of concern arose. When another hamlet was reported to have suffered a similar fate a few days later, the town elders met to decide on a course of action. A message was sent ...
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Under the Night Sky (Closed Freestyle RP)

Nighttime has fallen on over the village of Brising, as many of the people settle themselves in for the night. The Hog's Ride Inn still hosts its patrons, but slowly they bleed out in ones and twos. Most hard for one. One, a gray-robed man, mounts a chocobo tied outside and sets off to Port Rosalia, some days to the South. Other pats of the town are dead quite. Otto's Smithy is quiet, though the ...
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A series of unfortunate events. (Philsys RP, full)


It was raining outside, that night in Doma. A light fog had settled in, making the night's chill set in just that much more. And, as always, it seemed that the Ivory Horn inn and tavern, near the northern outskirts of Doma City, was a popular place for those weary with the road, or just with daily life, to settle in for a drink, and possibly some merriment.

In the building itself, the tables ...
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Something Wicked This Way Comes V2.0 PS


Alright you happy people. Here's the first post. Expect to post regularly! :wink:

<s><span style="font-family:courier; color:red;font-size:medium;">ChristianC</span></s>
<s><span style="font-family:courier; color:red;font-size:medium;">Nick Shogun</span></s>
<s><span style="font-family:courier; color:red;font-size:medium;">Uncle Pervy</span></s>
Will Baseton
<span style="font-family:courier; color:green;font-size:medium;">Besyanteo</span>
<span style="font-family:courier; color:green;font-size:medium;">PdRydia</span>
<span style="font-family:courier; color:green;font-size:medium;">Shinigori</span>
<span style="font-family:courier; color:green;font-size:medium;">Lord McBastard</span>
and of course....myself.

so please do not post randomly in this thread. much thanks.

:D please meet in the Ivory horn which is located in doma, ...
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A Darkness Rising

The moon was waning and the cloud cover was thick, so there was precious little light for him to see by other than that of his magical torch, a toy he had bought from a vendor of magical trinkets a few markets ago. The street lanterns here had been neglected, and had ...
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Fury of the Storm (PS, Closed)

The dark gray sky cracked open with a bolt of lightning searing across the horizon. The sound of pouring rain was almost deafening to those who weren't used to it. Though in this city, it was a lullabye for the children to fall asleep to, and a blessing for the adults- The sound of the pouring rain and booming thunder would drown out the screams eminating from atop the notorious Spire of Squall Castle, the ...
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The Price of Knowledge

The nation of Doma. Generally regarded as a focal point of strangeness, it had been said that half the trouble on Gaera and a good deal from other worlds passed through here.

Most recently, that trouble had consisted of all-out war. Speak to anyone across the country, and you would be hard-pressed to find a single person whose life had not been impacted.

Husar, a small town near the southern border of Doma, was no ...
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Clean Up Job:Target Slums [clsd]

Andy Tsung, or to those native to the country Terumahilana, Yuan Di Tsung, had little time admiring his new office-a room in a local noble's home. He had been given the prestigious duty of helping rebuild Doma by the Queen of Doma herself.

He had to admit when he approached the Queen with his proposal he had two things going against him: Aolong and Aolong. She's a very infamous person even in the short time ...
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Gumshoe [Open, see OOC thread]

It was another uneventful day in Doma City. Uneventful days weren't rare for me, Darren Black, PI. Ever since the guard had started shaping up there'd been less business. And the takeover wasn't exactly helpful. Me, I was just thankful the office survived.

The office. This single, shabby room above a fishmonger's stretched the word's definition to its limits. My desk had one leg shorter than the others - books I never even read propped ...
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