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A Storm above the Red Goshawk

Outside the Red Goshawk Inn, two men on horseback came up the slick pathway while the cloud burst poured down cold rain.

Dino had to admit that even the most hardened traveler will feel his heart lighten when he sees a friendly light of a roadside Inn. Especially if the dark clouds above have started to swirl and are making the travel overly long and muddy.

So Dino Adolfo Baldasarre led his patron mage Ea ...
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Against the Fall of Night

Doma City. A place where it is said that if you wait long enough, the world will come to you. Of course, this isn't always a good thing.

At any given time, there are several dozen rumours circulating about who's got their eye on the throne, some relic of absolute power, or a controlling interest in the blackmarket. And that's not even mentioning the demons, the dragoons, the Fey...

For today, however, the capital was ...
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Chaos Croaker (Closed PhilSys RP)

The Doman Guard could usually be known to deal with threats big enough to be a real concern to the safety of Doman citizens. Recently, however, disasters have wiped out several small towns to the west of Yamae. According to the survivors of these attacks, the responsible creature appears to be a toadlike figure with giant claws on the backs of its hands.

To make this worse, the creature isn't exactly acting alone. Other, larger ...
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The Conference (Closed)

It was a fine day in Gaera when the letter arrived at several doorsteps.

It was packaged plainly, with no return address in sight. The paper itself appeared run-of-the-mill. A writing style suspiciously similar to Kelne's graced said paper...

To whom it may concern,

I wish to meet those who were involved in the battle with the beings that called themselves 'Fencer-jin'. A number of updates have come up concerning both the beings themselves ...
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Sweet Spring Air (Open CI/possible Mini-plot)

It's a fine, crisp morning in Doma Capital! Birds trill sweetly, and the first blossoms are popping up on the trees. Down at the market vendors call out, offering their goods to anyone who will listen, or even just anyone they can twist the arm of for a minute. Lots of money is passing hands, and this is where we find the Nezujin Tybalt Byron.

Tybalt, a rather handsome man(for a nezujin at any rate), ...
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Carved in Stone (full Philsys RP)

It was a morning much like any other in Doma City. Clear skies and warm weather saw people cheerfully bustling about their business on the city streets. In one area, however, the mood was decidedly more sober.

While the countryside of Doma wasn't exactly a hundred percent safe, the Guard could be relied upon to clear out any bandit groups large enough to threaten a merchant caravan. Lately however, that had changed. Caravans on the ...
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The Baron Breakdown: Den of Thieves.

The rumors spread like aching, burning wildfire. Then again, when a rumor as juicy as this hits the streets, why wouldn't it spread like... well, aching burning wildfire?

It seems... that Baron's secret is out.
What secret, exactly?
What secret would be so juicy, so bitterly well-kept, and so astoundingly and beautifully worthwhile that no one would ever suspect that it was a secret at all?

Of course, there are many answers to this question. ...
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The Curse of the Shadow Walkers (freestyle RP)

OOC: If you aren't already admitted, see the OOC Forum for more details on getting involved.


In the backwoods of Baron, near the desert that stretches for miles and miles between the western coast and the Shuman Mountains, there is a forest. It is dense, full of thick, strong trees, and inhabited by the outdoor animals you would expect in such a locale. However, travel deep enough into this forest, and follow the beaten ...
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Splintered Faction (Look alive, you fucks)

The group stood before the apartment building. It, like the rest of the city around it, bled of impoverishment and dirtiness.

They were currently somewhere on the tarnished surface of 'Gurakku'. This was a world still under limited Infinity rule... despite the fact that the Corporation had already been toppled.

Stephen had gotten word of this situation from an old ally in the form of an elder Dragon by the name of Daervis. Acting on ...
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Grand Reopening!

They did it before, Dia thought to herself with just a touch of incredulity, I shouldn't be so surprised to see them do it again.

Outside the newly built inn, Dia stood admiring the handiwork of her employees. She was surprised at the results of a few days' hard work when applied by the twelve industrious goblins. The Jade Dragon Inn stood in all its former glory, in the same spot on the busy Doman ...
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