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Daring, or Stupid? (Freestyle Gaera rp)

The Beginning
Captain Samuel DeMalo... a name that is known amongst many who travel the oceans around Gaera's continents.

He braved many a deadly storm, with his ship threatening to capsize any second. Holding his crew together and keeping them alive through the rough waters to see another day. His successes had earned him quite the reputation... as well as quite a vast fortune.

DeMalo's story is quite the rags-to-riches tale, having achieved so much ...
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The Next Crisis

(OOC: at: 6/9/06 14:04
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Into the Parlor (Full PS RP)

Although it has been some time since the defeat of the lich Tronash, the repercussions of his schemes are still making themselves felt. With the dangerous artifact he was so intent upon using back under lock and key, one would think there might be a respite.

Unfortunately, it seems the drow have other ideas. Some amongst them have been poking into the affairs of the people who retrieved the censer the last time, almost certainly ...
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To Cure a Cabbit (Closed PS RP)

It is a fine day in Doma City. The sky is partly cloudy, whilst the newly-risen sun is setting itself to the task of absorbing the dampness left behind by the prior night's drizzle. Things have been mostly peaceful as of late. People have been able to live their lives with mostly normal trials and tribulations, thankfully able to escape the more unusual and deadly sort.

It is this day when a few people recieve ...
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The Valzar Saga: Final Chapter

(Seeing as a chat get-together has been unable to happen since... well... over a <s>year</s> TWO YEARS Image (it's changed since I was writing this up!) this is just gonna go on the forums. Also for those who do not know, this is a closed Philsys RP)

NOTE TO RPers: TONS OF READING AHEAD. Image You can skip ahead to near the bottom if you wanna avoid all this crap and get to posting

Overview: ...
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Shattered Continent (d20 System Wargame)

The sun rises on the first day of a new week!

=== Day 1: Dammasus, 10th day of Tunara, 1316 E.P. ===

<li>All is quiet on the western front.
<li>Rumors have spread that the White Roses faction in the east is steadily gaining power.
<li>According to eyewitnesses, a massive group of orcs has recently put in on the northeastern shore by boat.
<li>Drow attacks on local settlements to the north are at an all-time ...
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The Valley of Shadows (Closed Second Gen Philsys RP)

It was one of those days in Doma city. The sun hadn't been seen in the sky all day and the streets were wet from a perpetual drizzle of rain. Through it all Jesiah Black trudged up and down the streets of the city he had come to call home over the last several years posting flyers.

It was ironic he thought; Posting these when he had been the one to answer a very few ...
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Murder in the Dark

Doma City, almost a world apart from the surrounding lands. A hub of commerce, and a veritable melting pot, people of all races and nationalities pass through its gates.

In order to provide accommodation to all these visitors, numerous inns can be found scattered throughout the city. Ranging in quality from seedy dives to small mansions, most do a thriving trade. If nothing else, there's always the locals who come in for the atmosphere and ...
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Voyage to the Ice Continent

It was a fine day in the port city of Kohlingen. As always, the city was a bustle of activity. Ships docked here from all over Igala and beyond.

There were several ships berthed at the docks, loading and unloading cargo. But the activity around one seemed particularly intense. Today was the day the Starling departed on a voyage for Hastel. There was, naturally, a fair bit of interest from the locals. After all, it ...
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Castles in the Sky: Closed Freestyle RP.

Thup thup thup thup thup...

The ever-present drone of the propellors on the small airship on loan from the Baronian chapter of the Igalan adventurer's corps continues to beat as it heads, slowly but surely, from the staging point in Doma City to the island in the sky.
There were six people on that airship who accepted this duty- six people who were, quite honestly, not risking all that much for fame, fortune, and some ...
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