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No Time for Arguing! Head for the Showdown! (2Gen, Invite)

((OOC: Long!post is loooooooooong. Sorry about that. They won't all be like this, I promise. The recap-factor comes up just this once.))

Ever since a conversation she'd had with one of the experts she corresponded with, Zea had been turning over in her mind the idea that soon she would have to go home. She'd been enjoying her life in Doma a great deal. Her life had changed drastically and it had been nearly a ...
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Black Lotus in the Sky(Closed, Phil-sys)

References: OOC Thread

“Cheng, hurry up we’re leaving!” Miang Tsung Ex’Valcrist shouted backwards at her brother as she shot out of the door in a hurry.

“HOLD ON, DAMMIT!” came his irritated reply. Long Tsung, the eldest of the new generation of the Ling Ho Tsung family, walked through the door his sister left open carrying his sword on his back.

He tilted his head back and narrowed his already thin eyes. The sun ...
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To Save a Rider!

There was, in the land of Doma, an unusual elf named Haku. Haku was unusual in that there was no pigment in her hair or skin excepting her lips, and she had eyes the colour of ice. She was also unusual in that she was highly adept at magic, could speak to animals and...was cold to the touch. She'd fallen for a certain Librarian by the name of J.G. McCormack, who had taken a liking ...
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The Savage Tide (Full D&D Campaign)

The story so far:

The port city of Telsite represents one of the farthest outposts of civilisation on the continent of Argovia. On the outside, great jungles, savage races and desperate pirates lurk, while within, the subtle dance of politics and the less subtle but equally cutthroat clashes of various criminals can make Telsite an interesting place to live.

Some days ago, Orson Havender, Gillet Tarrym and Driscoll Kalzeheln were hired by Lavinia Vanderboren, a ...
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Note to the RP forum, or- Your dark lord commands!

As I just noticed, Idran has not yet found a way to disable sigs like we had in the old forum. So please, for the sake of making the reading of such things flow better (And for the people who just have big sigs that really disrupt things, looking at you Chuckles), please click off the "Show Signature" thingy below when you post. Don't make me have to go through and do it all for ...
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Darker Truths (7P prequel)

(As requested by Idran, the 'prequel' to Seven Plagues, which itself branched away from the thankfully dead Astyanax Saga. Further detail on the actual events prior to this point will be further elaborated on in the future. This will be posted in chunks, in order to alternate between my replies (in the form of Stephen and certain *other* characters) and Becca-An's (an outsider from another RP forum! Gasp!). Thus I will also mark off the ...
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Dark Star Prophecy

((Link to OOC))

In a city like Doma, it is only natural that rumors from all parts of the surrounding country would contually fly around like birds. How many of these rumors are true and how many are false, who could say? To find out, one would have to travel far and wide, investigating each rumor seperately until the truth or fiction of all was known. But of course, by then more rumors would have ...
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A RANT. About RPs. All new to the forum, PLEASE READ.


Now, I've noticed a lot of people, new people, coming into the forum. We get that. It's nice, sometimes, to pick up a few new RPers, see a few new faces, get an influx of new people, and sometimes, they're quality writers and RPers. Yay for us!

However, what I do NOT wish to see is the integrity of the RPing community here at RPGWW being flushed down some cosmic toilet as a result ...
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Before starting a Board RP...

All of the people who are joining recently, I suggest you read this little piece of advice before starting a Board RP, so that your RP, which may have been planned beforehand (or maybe not), will not be thrown into the RP Graveyard, which I can imagine is not a nice thing to have done to your RP.

Note that you may have done some of these. In which case, ignore them. No need to ...
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Data missing. Requesting update...

A few days ago...

Somewhere in the Doman market sat a ramshackle stand, advertising "Mind Reading and Fortunetelling!". The man at the stand had dressed himself up in a mysterious dark cloak and had trussed his eyes up so that they would appear red. This hadn't helped his business much, and he couldn't help but wonder why.

He had been standing there for some time when one being finally came up to his stand.

"Ah, ...
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