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Ice and Hate Incarnate

It had been a long, hot morning of creeping through the undergrowth, avoiding roaming sentries and guiding the less wood-wise from cover to cover. There were six of them, counting herself, and the group was about as large as Rhyn would care to try and lead through hostile territory. Still, she also wouldn’t want to try and carry out a rescue with less, and she was confident everyone would play their part when the time ...
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Official Dark Heresy Art Dump

Of course! Why post stuff only in the OOC thread when I could be buggering you people here as well!

Two pics as of yet, one which is a large sketch: ... hecrew.jpg

^Basically everyone (alive and well) in the group at the moment, aside from the mysterious, as of yet unintroduced, woman who will be joining us. Didn't have much to go on with Gear, as Ben ...
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Freoburgh 13th - Fox Company "Gate Wardens" (40k)

:D So I got some snazzy photos taken of my army in the making last weekend, and now I've got them uploaded (in 25% size), so I decided to share some photos of'em! ... sh/001.jpg

I think this shows what kind of camo I've had in mind for my guys. Every soldier's got camo-cloth on his clothing, but it doesn't show up well in the pictures. I'm proud ...
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@Jak, and maybe other 40k people!

Well, I've got a couple of my HQ units customized. Here, have a Master of the Forge on a bike, with a conversion beamer!


Theoretically there's supposed to be a bunch of old fashioned "chocolate chip" desert camo on there, but since this is a new camera and I have no idea how to use it, it looks more like a pile of stupid. I'll post more pics of that and my captain once ...
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RPGWW: Doma Theme

I really want to do some work. The whole realm inspires me so I wanted to make a non character theme. I don't know much about PHPBB but I'd like it to look like this: ... bgcopy.png

I wanted something clean, creative, and pertinent. For Doma I think "castle city, knights, traditional fantasy town" which may be why it's so central to everthing. I went with browns and ...
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Haha, oh wow, oekaki

Let's get it kicking again.

Five years later (5 YEARS!!!)

Yeah... I still can't draw hands...

On another note, let's start oekaki'in again!
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Brian is GMing a tabletop RP set in Gaera on Ka'thalar (details here), and I finally got the more detailed version of my character's bio written up yesterday. Maybe now some people will finally get an explanation for why the hell the party's fighter had his tongue cut out. He seems like a nice guy, but he must've pissed someone off, right?

So here's the story.
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Rosalyn gets a picture

Since I found a better tool than Hero Machine to make up for my lack of a working scanner, I've been using it to make some pictures of a few of my characters. Since Rosalyn's been the only one I roleplay much here lately, I went ahead and made one for her. So this is now what she officially looks like:


And to give credit where it's due, here's a link to what I ...
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Durp durp I draw dem ninjaz durp

So yeah, as some people might now, I'm not just roleplaying on this forum. The other one, though, is... dark...

And evil...

But one of the positive things to come out from it is the smattering of requests and trades I've drawn, and I've found myself drawing a lot more than... well, for a long time!

So, here's some random stuff I've been doing since my last art post here:

Image ...
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