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Of mining and crafting.

So apparently the entire internet has exploded with love for appropriately-named cubetastic indie game Minecraft, in which you mine resources, and then craft stuff. And occasionally murder things, because what video game is complete without murder? Anyway, there's so much love that the dude's server can't keep up with demand. I keep hearing about it but never really paid much attention to it until I watched some Let's Plays, and now I'm curious. Dude's having ...
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Fuck yeah!

Sweden just got our very own racist, homophobic, xenophobic party in our government! The Swedish Democrats was, thanks to a bunch of likeminded rednecks who can't be arsed to learn the first thing about anything besides what these radical haters tell them, managed to give them a total of 5,7%, which is enough to get into the Riksdag.

That's bloody brilliant.

Anyone of you have a couch I can crash on for the ...
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4th edition D&D, and the Red Box

Anyone tried the whole New Red Box thing? Any impressions on that?

I've been reading some things about people's experiences with 4th edition D&D, and it occurs to me that there are a lot more people out there than I'd suspected who have a reasonably strong dislike for the new system. Having played much of it, I can't say I'm really sure why. So I invite and solicit your feelings on that matter, too!
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If StarCraft Was Even More Complicated

Can anyone else understand my hesitance to pick up SC2?
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I highly doubt anyone will actually like this.

But it kept me in hysterics for a good solid ten minutes, so maybe someone here will appreciate it.

The Room Tribute

Basically, if you've seen the movie or even just the Nostalgia Critic's review (and laughed), you'll like this. Otherwise, it'll be real stupid and make no sense. Especially the ending. Enjoy...
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I have the manual and case of a certain game in my belongings, and a surprise gift (the surprise is not the gift, that is, it is not the immaterial concept of a surprise that is the gift, but rather the gift is something which I will not reveal here, which makes it a surprise!) that needs to be sent somewhere.

Where do I send it?

PM me, Stat. 4 ccs
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What's the video game industry like in Mexico?
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Let's get to know each other!


Let's find out stuff about each other! I go first! I have one tattoo, on my left shoulderblade, which is a tribal wing. On the day when I actually feel like my life's where I want it to be, I'll put in the next one on the other shoulder.

So the point is, tell us about your bodymods, weird diseases or amazin' skiddlez!
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This just in:


That is all.
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