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PAX East 2011: Games

I want to know the game plan. That is, specifically, what the plan is concerning games. I imagine we should work out who will bring what systems, peripherals, and games. DISCUSS.

I put forward that New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a must. I hope that there are others interested in some 4P co-op/competitive Mario? Also, I'm willing to bring some games from my collection for anyone who wants to try out a game they've ...
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This shit is entirely out of hand.

You damn well know what I'm talking about.
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PAX East

I'm so there. Who else is in?
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Fable II

Can someone please explain to me what is new, amazing and wonderful about this game?

Because right now I'm chopping wood like a maniac, in between killing people who block my view or try to sexually harass me, and paying off the guard with pocket money.

And that is not even fun.
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Shameless self-promotion (Teaching Blog)

Hello folks.

I have been retelling, to some of you, my wonderful adventures of being a student-teacher anomality, and since I think many of my awesome encounters might be an interesting waste of time read, I figured I should drop a link to a blog I started recently.

I've checked fairly thoroughly the national laws of School confidentiality, and while you may be able to find out what ...
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So, there I am, minding my own business seething in jealousy over the awesome artists at the MS Paint Adventures forums (home of Problem Sleuth and HomeStuck), when I come across some fan art of two characters, Jade and Sollux.

Something about the art style looks very, VERY familiar.

...and then I actually look at the user name and icon of said artist:

(and holy crap ...
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"I'd like to see your bra in my discard pile..."

All Hail Our New Nerd Queen

Linked solely for the terrible puns in the comments.
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What do we know about our home

Hey guys. Just posting this up for something beautiful and interesting to watch, no debate intended.
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