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Episode One: Splashdown (Part One)

Alice was afraid to smile and she didn't know why.

Autumn had arrived just on schedule, its first day shaded by clouds that brought a warm, gentle rain. Summer rain, a day late, marked by fat beads of water that splashed rather than pelted, that washed down the reinforced glass of the windows in streams rather than trickles. Alice could hear the difference, knew from the shifting light ...
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Seers - OOC

Hey everyone. Shini gave me the go-ahead to try my hand at running an RP thread game storymajig of my own here, so here's the thread for all the OOC crap that goes into doing things like that!

The Rundown
Seers is a modern-day urban fantasy setting, and our campaign will focus on a group of previously unconnected people whose lives are suddenly interrupted by their discovery of some very special abilities and a shared ...
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Kirby Academy for the Gifted

Back to School

Very few students enjoy the prospect of returning to school. After the freedom and carelessness of summer, the classroom can just seem stifling and boring.

But what if you go to a school for super heroes?

It's probably not a lot better, honestly.

Tomorrow marks the big day for the students of the Kirby Academy for the Gifted. While classes don't begin for another 24 hours, students have already been moved in. ...
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Another project: The Kirby Academy

Kirby Academy for the Gifted

Often when parents have a special child, they're unsure of how to handle it. Some children are born special, while others are given a gift, or make one themselves, and the parents are often confused, and sometimes frightened by it. These years, when your child is still learning and exploring their talents, is when they need the most help, attention, and guidance.

For over a hundred years, the Kirby Academy ...
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Old Haunts [CI, Open]

The sun hovered directly above the city of Doma, though not in its typical way given the late summer timing of the day. It seemed to be hanging... lightly, easily, glowing brightly but not baking the inhabitants of the bustling city market as they went around their noontime rounds of seeking food to eat now, food to eat later, or maybe food just to pick up and throw away without eating at all. All in ...
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Null's Game

Chapter 1- Setting the pieces.

Cantiga, Wells- 221 PS- Tuesday, 9:13 AM

For the first time in almost a hundred years, people of all races around Kinsera are beginning to gather. In the castle city of Cantiga within Wells, the human citizens are getting quite a surprise as they wake up and begin their days-

A small parade of mounted Skyrazors walk slowly down the street, their blue, green, red, and purple Razorbeaks occasionally snapping ...
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Oldschool fantasy adventure game- Null's Game

As Idran will attest to, I really, REALLY like to mess around with alternate mini setting ideas. Sometimes, I start to put pen to paper on them, and sometimes ideas just take off.

As for this one, that's basically what happened. I'm developing a mini-setting into a full blown game. Nothing serious, just a simple board RP with no system- The sort of shit we used to do. Roll a D6 if you need anything ...
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The PCR (Freestyle board M&M RP)

The brush strokes flew across the canvas, the paint blending seamlessly. The artist's wrist flicked with each pass, purposeful and meaningful. The man's eyes saw more than just the paint on the canvas: there was determination and meaning there. What had started off as a blank cloth had transformed itself into a countryside, fields of wheat populating the horizon. The wheat stalks swayed in the wind, and the green grass glimmered with morning dew. The ...
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Dark Heresy -- (Incoming) Purge the Xenos -- Zuriel Titus

This space to be devoted to the new character (it was going to be two new characters, but what can you do) for the Dark Heresy Purge the Xenos campaign. It will be some time before the character links up with the main group, so until that time his segment of the adventure will be run here.

Zuriel Titus, hardened survivor of the dread Mara Landing Massacre and recently inducted Acolyte of Inquisitor Sholmes Hirlock ...
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White Machine


For uncounted eons the world has spun in a cycle known as day and night. The sky of the daytime was one of gleaming white light, dotted by specks of black. The night was a scintillating haze of color, moving in patterns both unpredictable and aesthetically harmonious. Ages of war, glory, enlightenment, strife, peace, and any possible blend echoed across the continents. Heroic figures, the common man, pantheons of deities, thinkers both small minded ...
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