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For artistic creations in text format.

Ice and Hate Incarnate

It had been a long, hot morning of creeping through the undergrowth, avoiding roaming sentries and guiding the less wood-wise from cover to cover. There were six of them, counting herself, and the group was about as large as Rhyn would care to try and lead through hostile territory. Still, she also wouldn’t want to try and carry out a rescue with less, and she was confident everyone would play their part when the time ...
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Brian is GMing a tabletop RP set in Gaera on Ka'thalar (details here), and I finally got the more detailed version of my character's bio written up yesterday. Maybe now some people will finally get an explanation for why the hell the party's fighter had his tongue cut out. He seems like a nice guy, but he must've pissed someone off, right?

So here's the story.
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Short Story : Sailing by moonlight

His first sensation was that it was cold, and wet, but not uncomfortably so at least. It meant that his current host had standards, and, considering his history, probably some decent ones. The gentle sound of waves lapping at the ship allowed him some moments to think, and to adjust his robe (still a lovely shade of forest green, thankfully) and take in the surroundings.

It was a pleasant night, too, one blessed by a ...
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41 Whacks

Inspired by Natsume Shoseki (look him up, good writer), Edgar Allen Poe, Lizzie Borden, and recent events and emotions.

The muscle and sinews in my arms ache. They burn as if on fire. It's a dull, throbbing sensation. I can ignore it but every move constantly reminds me of my limits, my weaknesses. I consider the pain, giving it more attention that it deserves but I find it intriguing. I've already acknowledge that it ...
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Wrong Causeway

The biggest most magnificent causeway stretching across and beyond the earth infinetely stands hardly lit by the new moon with lush green grass and a deep sea to surround it, the road always looks the same, narrow.

Masses of poeple with cracking skin and worn eyes spread out amongst the causeway walk across clumsily daunted as if the road will collapse and they are blind at night and vexed by its one direction

They twist ...
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Infatuation approximations

Deformation of formation into realizations
Spectrum of color, a variety of feelings.
Subtle human control of what we do.
When we act alone.
Reaching the rainbow atmosphere
Of caring
For a human thing
Is created with all qualities
Not just of the innocent nature
Of what we see in our green world
Can we see beyond the point of
What were suppose to see?
Or is everything in the rainbow atmosphere
Will I supress ...
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The Anchored Ones

The kind happy plants bloom
The grass is sweet and sways
Trees smile, hundred of feet tall
Blossoms bloom, all is gay
The undisturbed of this day
Anchored to the ground
In hopes to stay
In this day
In the sunset
They know only what has shed them light
Only to be given their meaning of life by song
The song of the birds,
The beauty of sound, the calm air brushing about
The peace ...
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Another one for my fiction workshop class, along with Ten Percent. Criticism is greatly appreciated.


I wake up.

My surroundings haven’t changed; every time I wake up, I wake up in the same room, in the same place, in the same position. The room is roughly a cube, and I would estimate it to be about two and a half times my height in each dimension; I don’t know my height, but what I ...
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T here once was a kitty named Suedette. Thats pronounced SooDett..
As matter as fact the kitty's name is SooDett
Soo for its soothing effect on ones pain and Dett for the way the cat feels. He enjoys life so much he feels in debt to it. Dett Debt.
SooDett has soft green eyes with large overly dilated pupils that shares interest in everything. Eyes easily deceived as it doesn't doubt until its till ...
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The Saga of the Raiders of the Citadel

Wow, haven't been to this section of the board in a very, very long time.

Alright so as a bunch of you already know it is my pleasure to be DMing an offline RP at the moment featuring a few other board members (Jak Snide, and former posters Sorbus and Kraken), along with a couple of other players. This is the third time or so we've tried to form a D&D game, and it seems ...
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