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Pax East - 2013

Firstly: It saddens me that the most recent posts are me talking about livejournal, and my post last year about this same thing. Time has marched on it seems. =/

Secondly: Registration is open as of today for PaxEast 2013, March 22-24th.

Got myself and my sibling three day passes, but may/may not go all three days depending on what's going on.
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So, just on the off chance anyone still uses livejournal, I dediced to delete mine today. (ebilfff)

For awhile now, I've just had it set to 'friends only'
Awhile back, I also tried to weed out some of the more extreme "I HAET MY LIFE ;_;" stuff I posted.
But after skimming it over a few times, I just don't like the idea of it being out there.

Not all of it was bad, though. ...
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Pax East - 2012 (OLD!)

On the off chance anyone else happens to be going (and still bothers to read the forums =x)
My brother and I just registered for passes on Saturday, so hopefully we will make it for this one.
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PSN and Financial Information


So, while I can't be certain that the information is 100% accurate, I've gone ahead and had my current card canceled and ordered a replacement. If you've used the Playstation Network to buy anything, they retain your card information and you should probably at least consider replacing your card too. At the very least keep an eye on it.
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So yeah Florida

Hey guys.

Just very recently I found myself the recipient of a surprisingly large severence bonus, and I pretty much went "YAY! I can visit my girlfriend in Florida!"

However, some quick calculations later showed that I'd be paying about... 1600 dollars for the hotel and the ticket there. I was planning on staying for about two weeks.

Now, I can afford this, but it'd be a huge dent in my budget and I would ...
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PAX East 2011: Games

I want to know the game plan. That is, specifically, what the plan is concerning games. I imagine we should work out who will bring what systems, peripherals, and games. DISCUSS.

I put forward that New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a must. I hope that there are others interested in some 4P co-op/competitive Mario? Also, I'm willing to bring some games from my collection for anyone who wants to try out a game they've ...
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PAX East

I'm so there. Who else is in?
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Shameless self-promotion (Teaching Blog)

Hello folks.

I have been retelling, to some of you, my wonderful adventures of being a student-teacher anomality, and since I think many of my awesome encounters might be an interesting waste of time read, I figured I should drop a link to a blog I started recently.

I've checked fairly thoroughly the national laws of School confidentiality, and while you may be able to find out what ...
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What do we know about our home

Hey guys. Just posting this up for something beautiful and interesting to watch, no debate intended.
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A REAL Doctor (From America)

As of May 8th, 2010, I have officially obtained my PharmD (doctor of pharmacy) degree.

Now I just need to get licensed and find a job so my accomplishment will mean something!
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